Reevo R9 War Hammer V2 Boxing Glove

$83.00 USD

Built with 100% genuine leather, the R9 War Hammer boxing gloves offer a fighter everything they need to perform at their very best. Reevo has designed the perfect fit and padding to make these gloves perfect for sparring or bag work. Take your training to the next level with these new gloves.

  • Constructed of Reevo’s 100% premium leather for increased durability and performance
  • Uses Reevo’s perfected 3 layer EDT padding which offers multiple types of energy dissipation to keep your hands safe when training hard
  • Large wrist strap provides security and support that you just don’t get from other gloves
  • Venting on the palm of the glove keeps your hands cool during long training sessions
  • Available in Reevo’s new black and silver design. Check out our other brand new Reevo Products!