Fairtex Focus Muay Thai

$69.99 CAD

A brand new collection, Fairtex Focus Muay Thai Shorts are available in two colors : green or black. Both colors use a yellow and white accent throughout the design. “Fairtex” is written in their signature font, inside a diamond on the front of the shorts. FAIRTEX is printed in white along the waist band. Yellow piping is used throughout.

The Slim Cut Muay Thai Shorts will allow you the freedom of movement that other shorts are missing! They have a smaller waist band compared to previous Fairtex models, with only 6 strips of elastic (instead of 8) and an inner drawstring. They also have a high side slit to allow for extra hip mobility. These shorts offer a snug, comfortable fit and will stay put throughout training. They won’t interfere with your kicks, knees or clinch training.

Fairtex Focus Muay Thai Shorts fit slightly different than previous Fairtex models, slimmer than normal Fairtex sizing but bigger than their kickboxing collection.