Muhgals Focus Mitts

$89.99 CAD
Type: Focus Mitts
 and Improved design with Mesh fingers cover for better ventilation and safety. Extremely light, Absorbs impacts very well, very comfortable Unique contoured shape allows for more control and gives the coach better leverage while working the mitts. 'Snug fit' hand compartment with a thickly padded synthetic leather wrist strap anchors the mitts to your hands , Soft contoured palm surface for better grip and a comfortable poly/nylon lining for quick drying. Padded elastic wrist which is Slip-on style hand compartment securely and comfortably anchors the mitts to your hands. 2” padded dome make direct contact to your palm for better grip and shock absorption. Extra protection for wrists, forearms, hands and fingers.
Measures: 10.5" Tall x 7" Wide x 2 Thick"
Weighs: 12 oz.