Rev Gear Shin Guards

$99.99 CAD
Type: Shin Guard
Color - Black

Faster Kicks and Better Protection with this Superlike MMA Shin Guard!

 For mixed martial arts and more expert kickboxers, Designed to avoid the bulkiness of traditional Thai style shin pads, for ultimate protection and maneuverability.

 Taking the best elements of Muay Thai Style shin guards with classic MMA designs, Revgear in conjunction with some of the worlds top mixed martial arts coaches have developed this shin guard to meet the needs of the modern martial arts fighter.

As the name would suggest these shin guards are light weight but feature a double pad to the front, slowing impact of both kicks and checks, affording almost the same protective level as many Muay Thai shin guards but without the inhibition of the free movement required for MMA.

The Superlite shinguard is also low cut to sit under the knee allowing the greater range of techniques legal in MMA whilst providing enough protection for kickboxing.

If you are looking for a less cumbersome solution to your sparring then this is the perfect option for you whether its for mixed martial arts, Muay Thai or Kickboxing