Training rope

$129.99 CAD
Type: Battle Rope

Take your full-body workout to the next level with the Everlast Battle Rope. This Poly Dacron durable rope is built to last and won’t start fraying and coming apart from constant use. The heat-shrink grips give you superior handling as you swing and pull with high intensity. With 30 ft. of length, this battles rope accommodates and challenges active bodies of all kinds. The battle rope includes an steel wall mount. Incorporating this battle rope into your next workout will help boost stamina and cardiovascular endurance, bringing your overall performance to new heights.

  • Poly Dacron durable rope
  • Heat shrink grips for superior handling
  • 30 ft (9m) standard length
  • Battle rope steel wall mount
  • 1.5 inch (33mm) diameter
  • One Size