Twins Special Candy Boxing Glove

$149.99 CAD

New from Twins Special Thailand: Candy Boxing Gloves FBGV-61

Experience for yourself why fighters consider Twins Boxing Gloves to be among the best boxing gloves in the world. Made in Thailand at the Twins Special factory, these leather boxing gloves use only the finest materials. Their high-quality construction means they are durable enough to outlast the toughest of Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA training. You will find Twins Boxing Gloves in the best gyms worldwide, because experienced trainers and fighters trust Twins quality.

Inside the boxing glove, high-quality multilayer foam protects your hand from impact. The foam is skillfully shaped to best support your hand while you are punching. Twins Boxing Gloves provide excellent wrist support and hand protection. The padded wrist and the Velcro-wrist strap both help to hold the wrist in a neutral position while striking. These features also guard against impact from kicks and punches. The high-quality Velcro used on the wrist strap of these Twins Boxing Gloves will help the gloves maintain their value for years.